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Nothum Food Processing Systems, founded in 1971 and headquartered in USA, is a leading manufacturer of coating & frying lines for the poultry, seafood, appetizing, and alternative protein industries.  Nothum’s specialized focus on pre-dust, batter, bread, and fry equipment has earned them the title of "Experts in Further Processing".

The company has a team of experienced engineers, designers, and technicians who continually strive to develop new and improved processing systems to meet the changing needs of the industry. Their expertise enables Nothum to deliver the best solutions that results in quicker ROI, better product quality and appearance, and less waste.

Today, Nothum has a global customer base with a wide variety of clients in different sectors of the food industry. Nothum’s reputation for delivering innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client has made Nothum the go-to supplier for companies worldwide.

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The advanced predusting and breading systems developed by Nothum can deliver a significant increase in your product yield. They are designed to minimize multiple factors that negatively impact your operation, such as product loss and excessive floor space usage.

Beyond this, these systems also focus on cutting down on unproductive downtime and labor-intensive procedures. They aim to streamline your production process by taking away steps that aren't necessary or which are repetitively performed, commonly known as redundancies.

With these redundancies eliminated, your processing efficiencies can witness a noticeable improvement. This essentially means that you can produce more in less time, while also ensuring that resources are optimally used. This is the value proposition that Nothum's predusting and breading systems bring to your production line. They are not just equipment, but solutions designed to enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

Batter and Tempura

Nothum provides advanced solutions that grant you enhanced control over key parameters like viscosity, temperature, and mixing speeds. This means you have the ability to precisely manage these crucial elements of your process, helping ensure that your products always meet your quality standards.

With Nothum's systems, customizing recipes becomes a remarkably effortless task. You can adjust parameters to suit the specific requirements of each recipe, enabling a more tailored and efficient production process. This flexibility extends to mixing and application methods, providing the possibility of fine-tuning these aspects to achieve the best possible outcome.

These capabilities help you attain optimal product quality consistently. The variability of food products is significantly reduced, ensuring every piece meets the desired specifications and quality standards. By providing you with the tools to effectively manage your process, Nothum is equipping you to deliver superior products to your customers. This precise control and customization is an integral part of Nothum's commitment to supporting your production needs.


Experience the difference in taste with Nothum's ProTherm Continuous Fryer, state-of-the-art equipment designed to enhance the quality and flavor of your fried food products. It delivers exceptional control over two key frying variables – oil level and temperature – paving the way for consistent, high-quality outcomes.

Nothum's ProTherm Continuous Fryer operates with a lower oil charge, which means it uses less oil without compromising on the quality of your products. This not only makes it a cost-effective choice, but also a healthier one, since it leads to less oil absorption by the food.

One of the standout features of this frying system is the built-in sediment removal mechanism. It ensures that particles which can degrade oil quality over time are routinely removed. This promotes longer oil life, reducing your operational costs and contributing to more consistent frying results.

Another distinct advantage is the reduction in free fatty acids, which are known to alter the taste and quality of fried foods. By minimizing their presence, Nothum's ProTherm Continuous Fryer delivers superior flavor, ensuring your fried products stand out in the market for their taste and overall quality.