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Artificial casings manufacturer

Back in 1982, Podanfol began its journey in Poland, pioneering the production of synthetic casings for meats and cheese. As the first in Poland and among the pioneers in Europe, they were onto something special. Fast forward a few years, and unsurprisingly, their dedication paid off. Now, Podanfol stands tall as a global leader in manufacturing polyamide sausage casings. Through constant growth and unwavering commitment, they've truly made a mark in the industry.

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Classic Line

Podanfol offers a classic casing line, which includes many favorite casing types suited for cooked sausages. Depending on specific needs, these casings provide medium to high barriers. While they share structural similarities, each casing type boasts unique characteristics and performance. As a result, they cater to a wide array of applications. So, whatever your sausage-making needs might be, Podanfol ensures there's something just right for you.

Flex Line

Podanfol's flex-casing line is a top choice for producing cooked cured meats, offering medium to high barrier options. Whether you're dealing with small restructured cured meats or whole muscle ham technology, our casings adapt seamlessly. Thanks to their versatility, they complement various equipment and processing techniques. In short, no matter the end product's features, Podanfol ensures a perfect fit.

Hot Dog Line

La produzione di hot dog di piccolo diametro si ottiene anche utilizzando involucri interamente in nylon con termoretraibile pronunciato e proprietà barriera moderate per consentire un'ulteriore distribuzione di tali prodotti con una durata di conservazione più lunga rispetto agli involucri permeabili della controparte.


For small diameter hot dog production, all-nylon casings with notable thermoshrinkage are ideal. They have moderate barrier properties, allowing these products to have a longer shelf-life compared to those in permeable casings. So, when you're aiming for extended freshness, these casings make a noticeable difference.

Pet Food Line

When it comes to the pet food industry, casings need to endure higher temperatures than those for human food. As a result, this particular group of casings can handle extreme processing heat. Additionally, they maintain a consistent cylindrical shape throughout handling and distribution. Furthermore, they ensure the products stay fresh for a longer period at room temperature.

Smoke Line

Smoke Line is a highly modified synthetic polymer casing based on polyamide and water-soluble polymers to allow selective permeability to smoke, gases and water vapour.

Smoke Line casings are specially designed to meet the production requirements of smoked, cooked, semi-dried and raw sausages.

Ring Line

Podanfol's curved casing line represents a family of sausage casings that are regularly expanded in a controlled manner to form a curvature with a defined inner diameter and repeated radius while maintaining a constant calibre.

Ring Line is available in gauges from 28 to 65 mm and is always delivered in curled form to ensure optimal quality. Our Ring Line quality is unique and offers exclusive advantages.

Special Line

Podanfol's special application line consists of dedicated casings for atypical applications for meat and cheese producers.

Customised solutions are developed to meet the specific requirements of our key-accounts.