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Poly-Clip System

Excellence in clipping

The history of the German family-owned company based in Hattersheim near Frankfurt am Main dates back to 1922. Research and development have been a key driver of its development since its beginnings. Always with the aim of increasing the process and profitability performance of its customers. It is therefore no coincidence that Poly-clip System is the technology leader and initiator for the entire industry in terms of clipping solutions, thanks to over 800 patents.

With this innovative strength, the company has not only revolutionised the meat processing industry and the butcher's trade with its machines and innovative consumables, but is also a driving force for effective, efficient and ultimately very economical packaging solutions for a wide range of food and non-food requirements and sectors.

Poly-clip System stands for the highest quality and reliability combined with high productivity and outstanding service - in cooperation with us. The focus is on the respective products adapted to the customer's needs, which make production processes successful, effective and productive through efficient and innovative solutions. The product range extends from manual table machines and double clipping machines to automated systems for loading smoke trolleys and consumables such as clips and loops.

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Fully automatic and safe clipping

Fully automatic clipping with high performance. In addition to the single-clip process, in which one clip is set per clipping process, there is also the double-clip process. In the double-clip process, two clips set at the same time simultaneously close the end of the filled packaging unit and the beginning of the next, still unfilled packaging unit. A knife cuts through the casing between the two clips and the next unit is filled.

Coupled to a filler, the maximum output can be achieved depending on the model, casing type and calibre.

Various models of automatic double and single clip machines are available, featuring compact, robust designs and maximum reliability. Innovative, state-of-the-art design with unique features are paired with unmatched versatility.

  • Cost-effective production
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Maximum safety and protection
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Longer product shelf life

Semi-automatic clipping machines

Various models of semi-automatic double and single clipping machines are available. They are ideally suited for the effective and efficient production of all kinds of specialities. Depending on the desired output, the clipping machines meet requirements from artisanal to industrial operations.

  • Easy operation
  • Quick cleaning
  • Highly hygienic
  • Stainless steel
  • Additional functions can be added

Manual Clip-Machines

Different single and double clipping machines, clipping devices, press-clip machines and poultry loaders for natural and artificial casings, nets and universal use are available.  They can handle a wide range of products and guarantee safe and reliable packaging.

  • High performance at low initial cost
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy maintenance
  • High serviceability
  • Production of uniform and high quality products



Nowadays, automation is no longer just a question of economic amortisation. Demographic change contributes to the fact that it is no longer a matter of course to be able to deploy enough trained personnel for one's processes. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to consider sensible automation solutions. Overhead lines such as the FCHL & FCHM offer flexible solutions for future-proof production processes.

Clips & Loops

The combination of high-quality machine solutions and the perfectly adapted consumables is the guarantee for your entrepreneurial success.

To ensure that your products are closed safely, the clip should be completely free of drawing oils and fats, i.e. harmless in terms of food legislation. Poly-clip System has developed the SAFETY-CLIP SYSTEM for this purpose. The food-safe SAFE-COAT safety coating in particular guarantees maximum hygiene.

The clip accounts for only 1 percent of the cost of a sausage, but can decide over 100 percent of your success. If economic, efficient and also sustainable production is important to you, you should also keep an eye on the components. With the SAFETY-CLIP SYSTEM from Poly-clip System, your machines, the clips and the loops are perfectly matched to your product. This ensures consistently high quality for your products, reduces machine wear and ensures that your investment retains its value.

Clips from Poly-clip System are made of pure aluminium or selected alloys approved for the food industry. All clips are guaranteed to be of consistent quality with no variations in hardness. Clip production is subject to a large number of stringent, verifiable quality tests.

For a loop to hold securely on the product, the clip is also crucial. Whether sliced or portioned sausage (raw sausage, scalded sausage), with original clips and loops from Poly-clip System your product hangs securely.

  •     Guaranteed material quality
  •     Carrier sleeve of the loop reel made of plastic
  •     Hygienic individual packaging
  •     SAFE-SEAL safety loop system
  •     Secure hold for products up to 19.3 kg (4-way cord)
  •     Available in one, two and three colours twisted
  •     Detectable original loops in four colours
  •     Guaranteed security of supply
  •     Traceability (GTIN)
  •     Product and service system
  •     Tested by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS