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For more than 25 years K+G Wetter have been producing high-performance machines for meat processing. Started as a specialist in manual machinery, they have successfully developed into a supplier for industrial applications. The company was founded in 1990 by Manfred Wetter and his cousin Reinhard Wetter in the Breidenstein quarter of the central Hessian town of Biedenkopf, which they still call home today. Andreas Wetter, son of the company founder, and his brother-in-law Volker Lauber lead the team of about 100 employees, now in the second generation.

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K+G Wetter offers automatic grinders for industrial applications in sizes G 160, U 200 and K 280 mm and mixer automatic grinders in sizes G 160 and U 200. We can supply you with the appropriate machine for any throughput. Our high performance grinders deliver what they promise – whatever the size. With consistent results for all raw materials. Because only the best machines deliver the best products. Hygiene, safety and efficiency are our top priority.

Mixer Grinders

GRINDING AND MIXING WITH NO LOSSES And it really works! The mixer grinder from K+G Wetter makes it possible: dead-space-free mixing. The new generation mixes much more efficiently, even without a worm in the mixer section. With the MW 200, K+G not only offers THE SOLUTION for standardised products such as burgers and raw sausage products, but also for a wide range of convenience products. – This saves energy, cost and time. – Innovative technology allows mixing and grinding in a single machine, without the previously associated disadvantages such as material (dead space) and time losses. – In conventional models the mixing shaft and screw-conveyor are located together, within the feed hopper. The result: “Dead spaces”—areas inside the hopper that the mixing paddle cannot reach—are created during processing. – The residual material remaining inside the machine (up to 15 kg) has previously had to be added to a subsequent mix or has been ground in an unmixed state. – Both have negative effects; either through delaying the process or by lowering quality. Both are history with the new mixer grinder from K+G Wetter.

Bowl Cutters

From compact and strong for the butcher trade, to solid and powerful for the industry, K+G Wetter cutmix bowl cutters are perfectly tailored to meet the diverse requirements of meat processing. Thanks to their high-quality machine stand made of solid grey cast iron and all-round stainless-steel casing, the bowl cutters impress with their exceptional stability and durability.

  • Cutmix series with solid grey cast iron machine base, closed on the bottom for stability and longevity
  • Extremely smooth running thanks to robust design, and simple, intuitive operating options
  • Hand-cut, sloping surfaces for easy cleaning and better hygiene standards
  • Very high fill-level thanks to advanced bowl design with raised bowl edge: more content, no overflowing
  • Highest cutting quality of the products – due to the removable baffle plate and thus variable adjustment of the cutting space
  • Temperature detection by sensor directly in the cutting space where the temperature is generated